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Welcome to my website for psychological (online) counseling and coaching.


"If you have lost your way, first check if it has been your way." 

(Pascal Lachmeier, translated from German)


Hello, my name is Antje Schönfelder, and I am a psychologist and licensed psychotherapist specializing in cognitive-behavioral therapy. With my experience, flexibility, and empathy, I offer psychological support to help you navigate personal crises or challenging situations. I work from a resource-oriented and solution-focused approach, using techniques primarily from cognitive-behavioral and schema therapy, tailored to your specific issues.

Authenticity, empathy, and a healthy dose of humor are particularly important to me in our collaborative work. I firmly believe that you already possess the solutions to the psychological challenges you are facing. My role is to assist you in uncovering and developing these solutions. I am aware that the therapeutic process often involves emotional challenges, and I am dedicated to creating a trusting and supportive therapeutic relationship.

Antje Schönfelder

My work is based on the idea that each of us has a path through life that fully aligns with our individual selves. Right from the beginning, we encounter a multitude of external influences that can, under certain circumstances, have a significant impact on us. It's possible to find ourselves in a life situation one day and wonder, "How did I end up here?" or "Where did I take the wrong turn?" My goal and vision are to assist you in regaining your bearings on your personal map and enable you to live a fulfilling life that truly reflects who you are.

Take the first step today and contact me to schedule a psychological counseling session. I look forward to accompanying and supporting you on your unique journey.

possible counseling concerns

Here is an excerpt of possible topics for online psychological counseling:

  • Stress management / dealing with excessive demands / relaxation.

  • Self-esteem building & stabilization

  • Support in difficult life situations

  • Clarification of values for a meaningful life

  • resource activation

  • family & relationship conflicts

  • depressive moods

  • dealing with fears / insecurities

  • ... and many more... (feel free to contact me with your very individual concerns).

"Become who you are."

(Friedrich Nietzsche, translated from German)




Anonymity & Privacy







Accessibility & Location Independence


Temporal & Methodical Flexibility

My offer:

I offer counseling online synchronously (via video) and asynchronously (via messenger or email). Learn more about my specific offer here.